Addressika.com is the ideal means to maintain up to date information on everyone you know. From co-worker's addresses to your friend's birthdays to your in-law's favourite food, Addressika.com is the most comprehensive data keeper on the Internet.

Our database is designed to keep your information prepared for use at your own convenience. Best of all you can search for people through your own contact list using nearly any keyword you enter in your profiles.
  The concept for Addressika.com was borne out the founder of webtika.net, Rawat Chindapol's personal address book, complete with details specific to each person led the way to developing a software program which enabled a quick search on nearly any topic or keyword found in his personal database.

Addressika.com's database has been developed with the latest Oracle technology and was beta tested in the fall of 1999. Now this convenient means of data keeping is available to you as an Addressika.com member.

Also, Addressika.com enables you to maintain your own personal profile which is easily converted into an online ready CV.